An F1 fan was injured by the wreckage of Kevin Magnussen's car at the Australian Grand Prix


One of the many extravagant moments of the Australian Grand Prix was Kevin Magnussen's crash, which led to a series of events: red flags, a restart, a mass crash, and a finish essentially under the safety car.

An F1 fan was injured by the wreckage of Kevin Magnussen's car at the Australian Grand Prix
"I didn't even feel it, so it definitely wasn't something that felt big in the car. But it was enough to crack the rim and take the tire off. "

A little later, it turned out that the consequence of the accident was an injury to one of the spectators. The rim of Magnussen's car flew over the safety fence and cut Will Sweet's hand. His fiancée was very lucky. The rim flew right by her head. Will was a fan of Magnussen's and so he watched his teammate's car closely, only to notice it flying at him. Take such a "souvenir" home, he could not. While the medics were treating his wound, someone stole it for himself.

"Kevin Magnussen came around turn two, and he went down the track, I followed him with my eyes, so I'm looking to my right, and then straight ahead of me, apparently a piece of debris had flown over the fence, lots of people around me had moved, and it managed to hit me right in the arm. I'm not sure what happened, really."

It begs the question why it happened, because the FIA and FOM are doing everything for the safety of both pilots and spectators. And here's the reason. Shortly before the Grand Prix, the FIA and FOM approved the decision to move the safety barriers at the exit of that corner closer to the road to give the fans a better view.

As a result, the promoters of the Australian Grand Prix were called to the stewards not only because of the fans on the track, but also because of this Will Sweet situation. This is yet another confirmation of how dangerous motorsport is.

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