Binotto refused to give live interviews


Mattia Binotto have refused live interview of Sky Sports after some disagreements in post-race interview at Budapest.

Binotto refused to give live interviews

At the end of the Belgian Grand Prix, Binotto did not present himself to the microphones of Sky, but preferred to another media. the Domenica Sportiva.

It seems that the Team Principal has deliberately refused to be interviewed by Sky in the post-race due to the frictions that occurred in the last round, in Hungary. Precisely the bright tones during that interview would be the basis of Binotto's failure to appear at the microphones of Sky at Spa.

The background reason that everyone is pointing out is in Hungary the criticism expressed by Carlo Vanzini of Sky Sports on the strategy adopted by Ferrari for Leclerc in Budapest. The Sky commentator, in fact, had pointed out to Binotto the mistake of fitting the Hard tires on Leclerc’s car, which with low temperatures were known not to work. Binotto was annoyed by Vanzini's words, explaining how Ferrari would not be competitive with any compounds that day.

Not facing media because of hard times has never been looked good. Sky Sports is the title media sponsor of F1, so it would be interesting to see how Binotto avoids them in future.

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