Brad Pitt will drive among Formula 1 drivers


The world has already seen many movies both about Formula 1 and about motorsport in general. But many people who watch F1 are outraged by the inaccuracy of various moments in the scenes, because these people know how things look in the real world. Famed Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski is currently directing a new Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt will drive among Formula 1 drivers

Back in February, it was revealed that Apple bought the rights to the as yet unnamed Formula 1 movie, directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Brad Pitt. The story will be about a retired racing driver (Brad Pitt) who is brought back to the track for one last race. That's all that's known at this point about the plot of the film. It is very important for Kosinski to convey the thrill of high speed, and he chose to use Formula 1 and its drivers to do so. The film is created with the direct involvement of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who acts as an advisor in terms of the lives of Formula 1 drivers and racing, to bring the film as close to reality as possible.

Over the course of the weekend in Miami, new information emerged, namely that the creator was so frantic that he decided to put Brad Pitt in a Formula 1 car. What for? For him to drive at least the set-up lap that goes before the drivers line up on the grid and the mechanics and engineers do the final preparations for the race, and practice. In fact, the director has created an 11 team on the grid of Formula 1 2023 and will begin this action already at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It also became known that all will be filmed until the end of the season. This has caused a lot of controversy and misunderstanding for the most part fans on the Internet, and even other pilots. Indeed, the appearance of an actor on the track, in a car, among professionals will be considered a violation of the regulations. For example, Colton Herta reacted to this news on his Twitter as follows:

Brad Pitt got a super license before me. Tough.

But the excitement didn't last long, less than 24 hours, so the story didn't end and more information emerged. First, it was confirmed that yes, indeed, Brad Pitt would drive the track. But there's always a "but" in any situation. Pitt will not participate in actual practice at Silverstone or anywhere else. Regulations will not be violated. Filming will take place exclusively between the sessions of Formula 1 [and junior series], and perhaps some Formula 1 drivers will ride next to him for visibility. Moreover, no one will not let the actor behind the wheel of a real car. First, he has no super license, and secondly, he has no idea how to drive it, and the preparation for overload is very hard and long. Brad Pitt will be filming behind the wheel of a Formula 2 or Formula 3 car. The car will be modified by the Mercedes team, which will make it a Formula 1-style dodger.

On the one hand, to get behind the wheel of a Formula 2/F3 car is much easier and requires less preparation. Also, there will be no violation of regulations and no one will be able to interfere in the course of a Formula 1 weekend. On the other hand, if it will be an F2 car, it will be a more difficult test for the actor than F1. Everyone knows that to drive a car F2 is much more difficult than the car F1. This was stated by the pilots, who drove in both series, and who survived this experience. Therefore, most likely, Brad Pitt will get a Formula 3 car at his disposal.

Nothing is known about the movie itself, other than what has already been said. No release date, other actors, or even a title yet.

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