British GP 2022: Latest technical images from Silverstone


Keeping up with each competitor, every team have brought major upgrades to their car. Let’s see in depth about all the upgrades each team brought.

British GP 2022: Latest technical images from Silverstone

In today’s practice session we will get to see how well every team managed their upgrades. But before that we had glimpse of each upgrade.

First, we can see Mercedes has repositioned the front wing endplate's dive plane for the British Grand Prix, with the higher position it previously occupied visually marked out on the endplate.

Ferrari made changes to its mirror for Silverstone in a way that there's a possibility of aerodynamic advantage in hand. It has moved the outermost stay closer to the car's centerline and then added two fins beneath the main mirror assembly in order to invoke vortices that will improve flow conditions creating lesser downforce.

Red Bull has moved to a design that raises the engine cover outlet and creates more of an undercut beneath the engine cover and the sidepod bodywork.

Alpine has made sidepod changes to test this weekend. The upper bodywork of the sidepod has taken on tub like scalloping that Ferrari has employed with the F1-75 since the start of the season. Like Ferrari, there's also contoured cooling gills housed within the surface to not only help reject the heat being generated but also assist aerodynamically.

The A522 now has a rounded shoulder that creates a shelf for the airflow to follow as it emerges behind the halo, a solution which is very similar to what we've already seen from Alpha Tauri and Mercedes. In Alpine's case it's also led to the engine cover outlet at the rear of the car being flattened out too, taking advantage of its new beam wing layout.

McLaren has brought upgrades in front and rear brakes. Front brake assembly without the drum cover exposes detail on the brake disc shroud and caliper pipework. Also, the wirework inside the inlet to help prevent debris being collected and clogging up the internal pipework, which would lead to overheating. The rear brake assembly of the MCL36 also features a disc shroud, a bit smaller brakes used at the rear of the car, given a larger portion of the braking responsibility has been added to the MGU-K.

Williams has brought many new upgrades for one driver Alex Albon only. Unfortunately, Latifi will have to wait for new upgrades. We could see a completely remodeled chassis on Albon’s car, with new sidepods and revised front and rear wings. The sidepods look bit identical to Red bull and rear wings like Mercedes. It’s speculated the new design will give them up to 1 second of advantage, which we will get to see soon.

Other teams haven't showed their upgrades yet, but we will watch more through the practice sessions.

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