Christian Horner: the children of Red Bull employees are teased in schools


The head of Red Bull Racing Christian Horner at a press conference on Saturday criticized the head of McLaren Zak Brown

Christian Horner: the children of Red Bull employees are teased in schools

Before the start of the race weekend in the USA, the British team wrote a letter to the FIA demanding that the Red Bull team be punished for cheating with budget limits in 2021. 

Zak Brown: "Any team that has overspent funds has received an unfair advantage during the development of this year's car and will receive it next year. In order to preserve the reputation of Formula 1, the federation must take action..."

Brown's letter was made available to BBC Sport, it is dated October 12 and addressed to Mohammed bin Sulayem, to the President of the FIA, and a copy sent to Stefano Domenicali, President of Formula 1. 

In addition, the letter was also sent to the teams of Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Haas, which were not noticed in financial irregularities. 

The answer from the head of Red Bull was not worth waiting long. Christian Horner criticized the head of McLaren for too bold a move.

Christian Horner: "This letter with the accusation of fraud is simply shocking. You can't rush such statements without knowing all the facts. Competitors have no idea about the real numbers at all! It's just disrespectful to our team, to our drivers and to our sponsor. 

Because of this whole situation, the children of our employees are now being teased in schools. Sorry, I have everything, there is nothing more to say”.

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