Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in front of change


It is semi-official that from the 2023 season there may be a change in the layout of the track.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in front of change

For fans, the end of January can be said to be the lowest point in the F1 winter break, even if the car shows start soon.  This is the perfect time to look ahead to early summer when the season is on high speed.

The Barcelona track has been criticized for years due to the relatively boring races and track design. Except for the year 2022, there have been almost only less fascinating races on the Spanish track recently.

There’s no surprise, the purpose of the layout was not to make it as technical and exciting as possible, but to make it an excellent testing track for Formula 1.

Now it seems that a change will occur.  The plans were completed and presented well before the 2022 race, but there was not enough time to make the changes until 2022.

According to some sources, the track managers have already announced that the chicane of sector 3 has been removed from and that a different version will be used for the 2023 Grand Prix.

At the same time, it is also possible to homologate another layout without the chicane (which can be already carried out) and offer it to F1 to decide on which layout will be the race competed. 

Certainty comes with official announcement only, however, it seems to have a higher chance than ever to see something new in Barcelona just as to enjoy a much more interesting race weekend there. 

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