Drivers choose between Paul Ricard and Spa


The drivers gave their comments regarding the possible cancellation of some Grand Prix and spoke out so that they could choose

Drivers choose between Paul Ricard and Spa

The next season's calendar may not include the stages in Paul Ricard and Spa. At a press conference on Thursday, the drivers were asked which of the tracks they would choose.

Lando Norris: "The choice is obvious to me. My mother is from Belgium, I am 50% Flemish – for me, the race in Spa is as homely as in Silverstone. I have a lot in common with Belgium, as a child I spent a lot of time there with my family”.
Charles Leclerc: "Because of the nature of the track, I will choose Spa - it's more interesting to race there, but I also have connections with this place. I started karting an hour away from here”.

Sebastian Vettel: "I will choose Spa – it is an amazing track that I would not like to lose. Obviously, Paul Ricard is a less interesting track. I don't think many drivers like it, but a lot of fans gather here. We didn't come here in 2020, but I remember well how the audience sang the French anthem before the start in 2019. The atmosphere was amazing!"
Pierre Gasly: "I'm biased. You ask a French driver what he likes – the Grand Prix of his country or the Grand Prix of Belgium. I love France, I want to race in my country in front of my fans, and I will always support this Grand Prix more than any other.
On the other hand, Spa is my favorite track on the calendar. As a child, I came to Spa for Formula 1 races almost every year. Of course, France is my priority, but it will be sad to lose the Spa”.

Fernando Alonso: "I have a very strong connection with France. I won the championship with Renault, I live in Monaco, it's much more convenient for me to come to Paul Ricard than to Spa. So, I will choose France”.
Lewis Hamilton: "To be honest, I have no preferences. The Spa track has a big history. In the past, a lot of spectators gathered there. Now the organizers have changed the route. Racing will probably get better. You offer a choice between two great tracks in a beautiful corner of the world. I don't have an answer."

Mick Schumacher: "I would add the German Grand Prix to this list. But yes, Spa is much closer to my home than the French Grand Prix. If I had to choose, I would choose Spa, but I would like to see the German Grand Prix on the Northern Loop of the Nurburgring in the calendar”.
Sergio Perez: "Both tracks are great. Perhaps they should be alternated – one year to hold a stage in France, the other in Belgium. They are both unique in their own way. But I would be very sorry to lose the Spa”.

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