When Honda exited the grid after the end of 2021 season, the grid was focused on Red Bull F1 for who would be the next engine supplier for the championship fighting team.
Red Bull have managed to develop the 2022 engine fine by themselves with special partnership with Honda, but it’s no doubt they would be needing further technological help and lots of car manufacturers were interested to be in the spotlight.
Porsche was able to almost seal the deal but last minute changes ruined their plan and we heard Honda may return in 2026, but in the end the crown went to Ford group, the leading American manufacturer who owns many car manufacturers themselves.
The agreement Is expected to be officially unveiled at Red Bull’s 2023 season launch in New York on Friday.
Red Bull will however continue to use Honda engines in till end of 2025.
Ford sent the information to news agency Ansa without saying it was under embargo. Ansa published the story and then withdrew it shortly afterwards.
It will be Ford's first factory involvement in F1 since 2004, after which they pulled out following the sale of their Jaguar team to Red Bull.
The move comes after Ford’s arch rivals in the US market, General Motors is attempting to enter F1 with the American Andretti Global organization
Andretti has struck a deal to carry the logos of GM’s Cadillac brand but is rumoured to use a Renault engine in its car.
It will be very interesting to see if GM also manages to enter the pinnacle of motorsport and we get to witness a newly added American motorsport giants rivalry.
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