George Russell‘s driving talent never disappoints


Coulthard says Russell is a "modern version of a top professional racing driver"

George Russell‘s driving talent never disappoints

George Russell have been giving incredible performances in his Williams years and now finally joining a top team he didn’t get the best car on the grid.

Anyway this year is a big step in his career and George never stops to impress. 

David Coulthard praised George‘s work this season, pointing out he met the expectations:

"I’ve been super-impressed. George has performed in line with my expectations. For me, he’s a brilliant all-round package."

Indeed, finishing P4 in Bahrain and P5 in Saudi Arabia, also outqualifying his new teammate, Lewis Hamilton, George had shown again what he is worthy of. 

It’s not hard to notice how much patience, attention to detail and instant concentration Russell has. And it will be fair enough to say many people were quite confident he won’t struggle joining Mercedes. 

“He has speed, he has excellent communication skills. He’s a modern version of a top professional racing driver. I thought that before the season started and I’ve seen nothing since to change my mind.

"He was brilliant with Williams. It led to him being courted by Mercedes as everyone knows."

It was essential for George to start the season on a strong level and he never disappoints. For now we can see he himself has great potential for the future and he is not a second driver material at all. It is also crucial for Mercedes not to lower the bar as otherwise Russell will have a story of an excellent driver in a 3rd in the standings team. Of course it is not hundred percent he will stay in Mercedes for a long period, but today Red Bull and Ferrari seats are all sealed and it’s not looking like easy team switch is possible in the near future.

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