Guenther Steiner: We were afraid to even dream about pole!


Guenther Steiner together with the team is extremely pleased with the achievement of Magnussen

Guenther Steiner: We were afraid to even dream about pole!

Guenther Steiner, the head of Haas F1, together with the whole team is extremely pleased with the achievement of Kevin Magnussen, who won qualifying in Sao Paulo the day before, which will allow the Dane to start Saturday's sprint from pole.

Guenther Steiner: "I think we were afraid to even dream about this! But the whole team has been making every effort for seven years, and finally circumstances allowed us to win the pole. I think it can't be considered just luck – the team deserved it.

We made the right choice of rubber at the right moment, and Kevin did what was required of him: he drove a great lap. You will say that we just took advantage of the circumstances, but it was important to let him out on the track first, and then he did everything himself.

You know, there is a saying: "When it rains in the form of soup, your spoon should be ready." And today we had this spoon! A few previous races were not the best for Kevin, all the time there were some problems, but now, at the very moment when it was important, he drove a perfect lap.

Everyone understood that rain was coming, and they quickly put the slicks on, but the others left for the track just a few seconds later and were no longer able to do what Kevin managed. I want to say that this is precisely his merit. An opportunity presented itself, and he took it.

But our whole team deserves it. I always say that the driver is only part of the team. We always work hard, never give up and keep fighting. Of course, there are always those who criticize us and do not believe in our team, but now I invite all the skeptics to enjoy this pole with us!

You didn't believe in us, but we showed a result exceeding all expectations! It's great, everyone has worked hard, and I take my hat off to all the employees of Haas. I don't even know if I thought before the start of the final session that we would have such a chance. Of course, you always have to think about it, but we just tried to do our job as best as possible, regardless of the circumstances, and today we succeeded.

We understand that it will be difficult to hold the first position for all 24 laps of the sprint, but I hope that we can earn points. The task is exactly like that. Therefore, it is too early to rejoice too much, now it is important to focus on preparing for the races, and they are held on Saturday and Sunday."

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