Hamilton could sign his new contract on Monday


The Mercedes driver himself revealed this information after the Spanish Grand Prix, perhaps by accident?

Hamilton could sign his new contract on Monday

The race in Barcelona finally brought the long-desired success for the Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton finishing 2nd and George Russel 3rd. The developments they brought to Monaco finally showed their real impact on the Spanish track (which is a frequent test track), and the result is impressive. So far, they were the third/fourth strongest team, but in Barcelona they clearly moved up to second place. The team couldn't have received (realistically) more positive feedback. The result could give the entire Mercedes a new impetus.

From the beginning of the year, Hamilton competed with less vigor and enthusiasm than usual due to the fact that the 2023 car was not competitive enough to fight for the world championship. Up until now, even the podiums seemed like a difficult obstacle to jump over. The success, however, almost immediately brought back dynamism and enthusiasm to the seven-time world champion. He was so carried away by the euphoria of second place that he probably accidentally revealed at the press conference that he would meet Toto Wolff on Monday and they would try to agree on his new contract. After realizing that this should not have been said, no more details were revealed.

Hamilton's current contract with Mercedes expires at the end of 2023, which is why the new contract is a big question. On the other hand, his words put an end to the Hamilton-Ferrari rumours, which did not stop despite denials from both sides.

it seems that Hamilton wants to, and probably will, stay in Formula 1 and at Mercedes. How long the contract is for and what extras it contains is currently unknown.

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