In 2027 the Spanish Grand Prix will move from Barcelona to Madrid


Back in April of this year there were rumors that in the next few years, the already almost constant Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona will suddenly move to a not yet existing circuit in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

In 2027 the Spanish Grand Prix will move from Barcelona to Madrid

Initially there were rumors from Spanish journalists that F1 plans to expand the calendar even further and reach the 30-race mark by 2030. Regarding the current situation, the proposed list of changes looks as follows: two races in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), five races in the U.S. (the current stages + New York and West Coast), two races in the Emirates (Abu Dabi and Dubai), the return of the Grand Prix of Korea, and the appearance of completely new stages in Colombia and Vietnam.

For the moment, the most realistic option, which can indeed be implemented, is the appearance of the Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid. It is still an open question whether it will be another stage or just a change of location. For now, the Spanish Grand Prix is held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which in 2022 was voted the most stable circuit in the world. Races have been held there since 1991, and at the moment the track has a contract with Formula 1 until 2026. Although there are still a few years until the contract expires, rumors have already begun to circulate.

Spanish journalists say that the project "will become true in 2027" and stated it as a fait accompli. But a spokesman for Formula 1 denied the fact, telling one publication:

"There have been conversations, but nothing is final and nothing is agreed and we have an agreement with Barcelona"

 That is, there have been conversations and negotiations, but so far no final point has been reached. In addition, it turned out that the General Director of Dorna Sports Carmelo Ezpeleta is interested in combining in the Spanish stage of the two series: Formula 1 and Moto GP.

"I have spoken with Stefano Domenicali to do an F1 and motorcycle championship on the same weekend at the same circuit. We are thinking about it. Stefano has spoken to me about a circuit in Madrid and I have spoken with the mayor of Madrid,"

But in recent days, talk of a stage in Madrid has resumed with renewed vigor. Now we are already talking directly about the configuration of the new track, and it becomes an indirect confirmation that in 2027 we will see a new stage in Spain. Of course, there have already been changes. Initially it was planned that the organizers will build a full circuit in the capital, but as it turned out, instead of a stationary track, there will be a street track. The track will be built straight through the streets of Madrid. The cars will go through the area of Ifema-Valdebebas not far from the sports city of Real Madrid, and including will pass under the bridge of the M-11 highway. It follows that the originally considered option of holding Formula 1 and Moto GP in the same stage is now not an option. This idea had to be abandoned due to the fact that the track would become a street circuit. The concept of the city circuit looks something like this:

As a bottom line, Madrid Mayor Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida confirmed talks with F1 management. There are no statements and 100% confirmed facts about the appearance of the Grand Prix of Madrid yet, but more and more data. Which confirms it. In addition, the tendency of F1 management to replace old and historic tracks with urban tracks has become noticeable lately. For example, the last three circuits that have appeared are Saudi Arabia, Miami and Las Vegas.

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