McLaren did everything to help Ricciardo – Norris


Lando Norris, shared some of his thoughts about his leaving teammate and McLaren’s future.

McLaren did everything to help Ricciardo – Norris

Norris got an experienced driver as a teammate at McLaren when Ricciardo replaced Sainz, but since his arrival, the Australian has continuously been outclassed by the young Briton. After Carlos went to Ferrari, Norris is yet to get a stable teammate who can perform closer to his level. With Oscar Piastri joining next year Lando will have the pressure of taking mentor and senior driver role too.

"There are certain things that he (Ricciardo) does very well and that I could learn from. But it's not that I feel like I'm on a whole new level because of him either," Norris said.

Norris thinks McLaren has tried everything

The McLaren drivers don't drive in the same style, so in that area Ricciardo did not set a great example for his teammate. Norris attributes that difference in driving style partly to the different cars the two drivers have driven, but also to the driving style they grew up with.

Norris does not think his team bears any blame for the way Ricciardo parted ways. He stresses that the team does everything it can to help a driver, especially if they are new to the team. As a newcomer himself, he felt at home very quickly and the team. According to Norris, McLaren does everything it can to put its drivers at ease, including through media and marketing. "Whatever enhances the driver's performance, they will try to do it," Norris said.

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