Miami will listen to the criticism


What did the head of the track in Miami say and what should we expect from racing here in the future?

Miami will listen to the criticism

The head of the Miami Grand Prix and the director of Hard Rock Stadium Tom Garfinkel said on Sunday that the criticism of the drivers to the track will be taken into account.

«We are ready to change everything that is necessary to make the track better. 
I do not know if we have explained well enough why the chicane is arranged. This is a necessary measure to make the rest of the track great. We needed to slow down the posh cars at some point, because we just don't have enough space. But after talking to people from Formula 1 and the FIA, we will find an opportunity to change it to make it better.  
We are also considering issues with coverage, with security zones. It is important to do everything right, because if the riders do not have the opportunity to go off the track, then there will be less overtaking, and we do not want that. I'm not the architect of the track, but I want to overtake as much as possible. We will study everything very carefully and make the necessary changes if necessary» - Tom Garfinkel.

Recall that many drivers criticized the track after the Sunday race, for example, what Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren F1 driver) said.

“I have to say that the track coverage in Miami was far from ideal. But, obviously, part of our criticism may simply be due to the fact that we have become too spoiled. But, let's just say, for what we are used to on other tracks, this surface was too slippery outside the trajectory.
It reminds me of my farm in Australia, where it's a lot of fun to drive on loose gravel in an SUV. But Pirelli tires are not suitable for too slippery surfaces.
It would be great if things were a little different and we could use most of the track. When you're chasing someone, you want to drive a little wider, try to cross the trajectory. In Miami, when you try to do that, you go off the track” - Daniel Ricciardo.

And Stefano Domenicali promised improvements on the track in Miami

”What we went through over the weekend was just amazing. If we recall that we signed a contract to host the Miami Grand Prix less than a year ago, and nothing was prepared, the scale of the event is impressive, so congratulations to the organizers, this is a great achievement. You can see what Formula 1 is today.
The organizers said that the Grand Prix was bigger than the Super Bowl in terms of the number of celebrities you could see on the starting grid. Everyone wanted to be there, and it was hard to refuse. Everyone said: "This is the place to be. Formula 1! Formula 1!", so I think we should all be happy”.
There will definitely be improvements on the track, but this is far from the big picture. Our goal is to always have great races. So I will definitely talk to the Grand Prix management about how to achieve improvements within the framework of the project. Of course, we have learned valuable lessons» - Stefano Domenicali.

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