Monaco gave a half-expected podium to a half-expected rainmaker


With the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix cancelled due to flooding, the Monaco stage opened the European part of the season - and it just so happened to be the fifth consecutive stage at the city circuit - on the oldest circuit on the calendar.

Monaco gave a half-expected podium to a half-expected rainmaker

Modern cars don't suit the circuit in Monaco. Too wide and heavy, with a rigid suspension not able to compensate for the many bumps. All sessions were interrupted by red flags and even the most experienced drivers were involved in accidents.

At the start Verstappen immediately broke away from Alonso and the rest of the peloton, starting to create a large gap. Hulkenberg hit Sargent's car and got a five-second penalty. Hulkenberg, Zhou and Perez went into the pits and changed tires - all went to Hard before the finish.

A few laps later Sainz attacked Ocon, there was contact, the Spaniard broke his front wing, but he didn't go back to the pit lane. On lap 25 Max, as leader, overtook his teammate Perez by a lap.

Around lap 50 it started to rain, and the race took a new turn. For a few laps everyone tried to stay on slicks, but it soon became clear that this was pointless. By lap 55 half of the peloton had changed to intermediate.

Alonso also went into the pits, but the team gave him a fresh set of medium. As it turned out later, the chief mechanic, who directs the mechanics working directly with the car, disobeyed the order of the captain's bridge, which ordered to put intermediate.

Ferrari decided to make a double pitstop, despite the fact that their pilots were following each other. Carlos lost a few seconds. Sainz flew into the safety zone after a U-turn, but kept going.

Stroll was off the track, catching the barrier.

Magnussen stayed on slicks, reduced speed as much as possible, letting the others pass, at Rascasse hit the barrier, but still made it to the pits, getting rubber for heavy rain and a new nose fairing. After several sorties, he still got out of the race.

Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix for the second time in his career, leading the race from first to last lap. Alonso and Ocon shared the podium with him.

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