New track of Europe: Balaton Park Circuit has opened


Europe has been enriched with a new circuit as a brand new complex has opened in Hungary, in a beautiful environment.

New track of Europe: Balaton Park Circuit has opened

The track was built in Balatonfőkajár, next to Lake Balaton. It is the largest lake in the country, a popular tourist destination of the nation and the region, especially in summer.

The project cost 200 million euros and 4 years to complete. The track was designed by Ferenc Gulácsi. Its length is 4115 km, there are six left turns and ten right turns, and its width is 12-15 meters. 48 garages, 3 paddocks and grandstands for 10,000 people have been completed, but there are plans to expand the it, also to make a car museum and to build a luxury hotel from which the entire track could be seen.

The question may arise what will happen to the Hungaroring, the number one race track in the country, after that? Hungaroring's right to host Formula 1 races is not currently in danger, and the Balaton Park Circuit was not built as a competition. The new track currently has a Grade 2 rating, which means that it will host national and international series. Nevertheless, the track was built in such a way that in the future it could also receive an FIA Grade 1 license, which would enable the organization of an F1 race.

At the official opening, Gianpaolo Matteucci, Balaton Park Circuit board member, highlighted safety, innovation and environmental protection as the main goals during the preparation and implementation of the project.

The new track was first tested by ex-Formula 1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella with a streetcar Ferrari.

“Driving Balaton Park Circuit for the first time, I was impressed by its character,” Fisichella said after the first test. “The track really has it all – a thrilling blend of high-speed corners, challenging hairpins and cool chicanes. It’s a track that flows nicely, giving you a great racing feeling. The first corner and the end of the back straight are prime spots for overtakes. All in all, Balaton Park is a treat to drive.”

The Balaton Park Circuit promises to be an exciting novelty and will certainly hold many beautiful moments for fans of motorsport.

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