Red Bull Racing introduced RB19


A few hours ago, the new car of the Red Bull team was presented…

Red Bull Racing introduced RB19

A few hours ago, the new car of the Red Bull team was presented. And that 's how the team drivers and Christian Horner spoke about it:

Christian Horner, team leader: "Of course, the technical regulations remain very stable, so we learned all the lessons from last year's experience, because the RB18 was our most successful car.

There are minor changes to the aerodynamic body kit in the RB19, but this applies to all teams, because everyone is trying to optimize and improve the characteristics of their cars.  

In addition, this year we will have slightly different tires. In general, we can say that the RB19 embodies all the strengths of its predecessor, which, again, was the most successful car in the history of our team." 

Max Verstappen: "This is the first time I've seen an RB19, but the approach to coloring our cars has remained roughly the same for several years. But I think the car looks great! It's in Red Bull's signature colors, which have brought us great success – so why change something?  

Of course, the logos of our new partners appeared on the car, and this is also very important." 

Daniel Ricciardo, reserve driver: "In a couple of weeks I will start working on the simulator based on the team, there will be a lot of things to do, because my contribution is to, being mostly behind the scenes, try to help the team refine the car, understand the direction that Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez want to set, and also apply my personal experience, compare my impressions with it, which I will share with the team's engineers."

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