Sebastian Vettel has announced that he will retire from F1 at the end of this season

How did he make this decision and how did the people from Formula 1 react?

Sebastian Vettel has announced that he will retire from F1 at the end of this season

Today it became known that Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel will leave Formula 1 next year. The four-time champion gave a comment about this decision:

Sebastian Vettel: «It was difficult for me to make the decision to retire and I spent a lot of time thinking about it; at the end of the year I want to think a little more about what I will focus on next».

The driver of Haas, Mick Schumacher, addressed four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in one of the social networks. 

Mick Schumacher: "I am very sad that you are leaving, but at the same time I am happy for you and for a new chapter in your life. You were and still are an important person to me, and I am very grateful to you for our friendship.
Thank you for all that you have done for our favorite sport. I can't wait for our last races together. Thank you, Sebastian, you inspire me”.

"Ferrari" and "Red Bull" in their social networks also reacted to the announcement.

"It was an honor for us to share so many memories of Formula 1 with you. We look forward to enjoying your latest races together. We wish you good luck in your future life” - Ferrari press service commented on Vettel's decision. 
"Thank you, Sebastian! We applaud for a great time in Formula 1 and four World Championships” - Red Bull responded.

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