Seidl: We are constrained by infrastructure restrictions


The Head Andreas Seidl believes that the 5th place is partly due to the infrastructure of the team

Seidl: We are constrained by infrastructure restrictions

The McLaren team finished the season in fifth place, rolling back one position compared to 2021.

The Head of the team Andreas Seidl believes that this is partly due to the infrastructure of the team, whose capabilities lag behind the capabilities of the main rivals. McLaren expects to eliminate this gap in the coming years. 

Andreas Seidl: "We have a clear goal for next year – to take a step forward in all directions. It's not just about the car, whose weaknesses we know this year, it's also about the team, which should improve in all aspects. 

At the same time, I am realistic about McLaren's capabilities at the moment.

I recognize all the limitations that hold us back, mainly related to infrastructure, especially when compared not only with the teams ahead of us, but also with Alpine and those behind.

Given all this, it is not at all necessary that we will take a step forward in terms of position in the Constructors' Championshi, but we must make an effort and try to do our job better. These are our ambitions. 

In terms of results, we took a step back in 2022, but there were also positive moments, the team got better, so I think the season is positive. We continue on our way and we know exactly what we have to do to get the team to the next level, but we understand that it will take time. 

We need a few more years to take the last step. At the same time, it is important to maintain continuity in the team, because I have no doubt that we already have all the necessary talents working”.

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