Shameful start of Aston Martin


From the third best team and a joining of a great British brand to a disaster in 2 years.

Shameful start of Aston Martin

Smaller problems 

It means something serious if a Formula 1 team’s tiniest issue is their bad car. However, that is the truth at Aston Martin. The car is unreliable and much slower than it should be but this is just the surface. 

The drivers also fall into this category. 

Lance Stroll completed the Australian weekend with a horrible performance. His accident with Latifi on Saturday was 100% his mistake and such an amateurish movement. The race was completed similarly: smaller irregular/unclear actions. 

Sebastian Vettel also had an incredibly poor weekend. He was driving unconfidently and crashed a few times. Much more had been expected from him. Although, it must be mentioned that he had been suffering from Covid and had less experience than the others. 

Generally, there is no piece of the team that would work well. Metaphorically, the pieces of the puzzle are misplaced.

Deep difficulties 

The dismissal of Sergio Pèrez and Otmar Szafnauer was a big jump; from the high to a dark, deep hole- to the future and the heavy weights of consequences. 

The leadership has collected great professionals. The money also has as Lawrence Stroll owns the team. However, many great people have been leaving the team because they have no motivation, satisfying working atmosphere; they are rather burned out. The experienced professionals and the investment are not enough to build a brand and a successful Formula 1 team. 

This is not the fault of Szafnauer- as many people think. He always gave his best for the team (the new car is also not his mistaken project). Nor Mike Krack’s, the new team principal, who is rather like a marionette who is led by the “big boss”, Lawrence Stroll. He is a cruel and professional businessman, billionaire but he’s not been able to play the role of the team principal which he has been trying for a long time. 

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