The grand prix of the future


The spring Formula 1 break provided the world with several rumors, including possible future grand prix.

The grand prix of the future


Recent years show a clear trend: the management of Formula 1 wants to increase the number of grand prixes. This process already started before the Covid pandemic, but mainly switched to a higher speed after the 2020 season.

24 race weekends were previously announced for 2023, of which there will be only 23 due to the cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix. This is already such a large number that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. Although this is a joy for fans, those working in sports are increasingly questioning the necessity of that many races in a year.

The increasing numbers are driven by profit. Since F1 has reached record viewing in recent years and is experiencing extreme popularity, this can best be exploited financially if there is more and more race weekends. The current limit is 24 per year, but Stefano Domenicali clearly wants even more: 30-32 even!


The increase in the number of race weekends is also driven by the fact that many tracks want to join the competition calendar. If the numbers would not be increased, the joining of new ones would clearly lead to the elimination of the classic circuits due to financial reasons. Thus, the increase is a kind of compromise.

The number one candidate to join is Kyalami, the famous South African track that has been part of the F1 racing calendar for a long time. According to information, this track can join already in 2024.

A new track is already being built in Saudi Arabia, according to the original plans that the one in Jeddah will only be in the calendar until the other one is built. However, due to the success of the track in Jeddah, the Saudis want to organize a competition there as well, and also on the track that is currently under construction.

Rumours about a possible Caribbean Grand Prix started during the break. But among the extreme possibilities is a Grand Prix in Cancun, which may be connected to Sergio Perez's father, and a race in Atlantic City is also on the wish-list of Liberty Media.

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