The Hungaroring is changing


The Hungarian track has been part of the calendar continuously since 1986, the time has come for rejuvenation.

The Hungaroring is changing

The famous racetrack near Budapest has been a part of Formula 1 for the 37th year now, and hosts many other categories and races as well. The track was built at record speed and in 1986 the first race took place at the Hungaroring, the first race behind the Iron Curtain.

Formula 1 had a good time from the start; and the track has become a popular venue for Hungarian fans and, over the years, for foreigners as well. 37 years is a long time. With such a large number, the Hungaroring ranks high in many track-related statistics, but it also means that all facilities are this old. After a while, the inconveniences arising from these outweigh the love felt for the layout and location.

The facilities’ and infrastructural developments are extremely expensive, and although the problems have become more and more urgent, there has not been enough financial support for the renovation until now.

The negotiations have now reached their goal. At Hungaroring Sport Zrt.'s press conference on Tuesday, Zsolt Gyulay, president and CEO of the organization, gave a detailed report on the track's renovation and development plans.

It also turned out that the ownership right is now exercised by the Ministry of National Defense through the State Secretariat responsible for sports. Additionally, the Hungarian government strongly supports the track's renovation plans.

These large-scale projects are not just about modernization. Hungaroring's current contract with Formula 1 runs until 2027. Due to the growing popularity of the sport, if a track wants to extend its contract, it must provide top quality and meet all the expectations of modern Formula 1. This is especially true for traditional tracks that pay less, such as the Hungaroring, since many tracks are queuing up for the arrangement with much more money. Therefore, the aim of the renovations is to extend the contract until 2032. Negotiations in this regard are currently ongoing, and the condition for a successful agreement is for the Hungaroring to catch up and comply with the current guidelines.

The main area of ​​renovation is utilities. This has already begun, which proves the need for renovation and the seriousness of the current state. Works related to aqueduct and electricity supply are already underway.

In addition to the utility development, the paddock, the main entrance, and the Super Gold grandstand will be renewed as well.

The long-term goal is to make the venue, the stands, and the entire Hungaroring experience more comfortable for spectators. The works are expected to last until 2026, and an important goal is to ensure that no race is missed during this time.

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