Vasseur: A decision on Zhou will be made soon


Alfa Romeo will decide on the composition for 2023 closer to the end of September

Vasseur: A decision on Zhou will be made soon

Frederic Vasseur said that Alfa Romeo will decide on the composition for 2023 closer to the end of September, while Guanyu Zhou made it clear that there is no hurry with the extension of the contract with the team.

In Monza, after a series of six unsuccessful races, he again managed to earn at least one point for 10th place. Zhou's contract with the Alfa Romeo team expires at the end of this season, but the parties are already discussing prospects for further cooperation.

Guanyu Zhou: "Yes, we are already negotiating on this topic. There is no rush, because the team and I are quite happy with each other and the work that has already been done.
My debut season is not easy to call. But personally, I am very pleased with how the interaction with all members of our team is going. So negotiations are underway, and although nothing has been confirmed yet, I hope that I will soon receive new information on this topic, and the issue will be closed”.

The head of the Alfa Romeo team confirmed that the decision will be made soon.

Frederic Vasseur: "It's not that Zhou has to somehow prove himself before this decision is made, but this is a long process, despite the fact that the team is spending the season well, and Zhou is doing a good job.
But we have long agreed that a decision on the composition will be made by the end of September, so for now we need to continue to work calmly.

If we talk about beginners in general, it's not just about speed. In Formula 1, a driver has to learn a lot, there is a different level of pressure here, unlike F2 and F3, and young drivers have to discover this new world.
Zhou handled everything perfectly, and also established excellent cooperation with the team, with all employees. He is very purposeful, does his job well, so a decision will be made soon”.

The Chinese driver's partner, Valtteri Bottas, immediately signed a multi-year contract with the team, so in 2023 he will definitely remain in Afa Romeo

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