Violent conflict within the team


What do we have at the moment in the Red Bull team after the race in Brazil?

Violent conflict within the team

Today there was a very interesting race in Brazil, the winner of which was Mercedes driver George Russell, but surprisingly, despite the first victory of the Briton, the most important news was the confrontation in the Red Bull team, what happened?

On the last lap of the Grand Prix, driver Sergio Perez fought with Charles Leclerc for the title of vice-champion of the 2022 season. He needed points to get ahead of the Ferrari driver, to which he asked the team on the radio to let Verstappen, who was driving straight ahead of him, give him a position, as this could seriously change the championship.

The team: "Max will let you through." 

Perez: "Yes, thank you guys for that."

But as you understand, nothing happened, and Verstappen did not respond to the instruction of the team in any way, he just kept silent.

After a while, when the team saw that Max did not want to slow down, Red Bull asked him about what had happened.

Racing engineer: "Max, please let Perez through." 

Verstappen: silence

Race engineer: "Max, what happened?"

Then they received an answer shocking all the fans and the team itself as a whole.

Verstappen: "Guys, I've already told you about this. Don't ever ask me for anything like that again! Is that clear to you? I have already explained my position and will continue to do so."

Everything would be fine, but Max Verstappen is already a champion, why did he need these points? The answer to this question can only be given by Max Verstappen himself.

Our team "The reportage F1" was divided into two sides: some believe that Max did everything right and you need to fight not for the team, but for yourself, but much more people who took the other side.

In addition to our team, it is worth mentioning ordinary fans. A large number of them in social media began to criticize Max for the fact that because of Perez Verstappen became champion in 2021 and since he won the title in 2022, it would be possible to help the team, especially since Horner had previously indicated the position that the team wanted to get this achievement (1st and 2nd place in the individual standings), which they haven't been there yet.

«This is not only Perez's personal ambitions, but also the goals of the team of which Max is a part» - said fans in Twitter and Instagram.

Perez himself made his opinion clear by saying one sentence.

Perez: "It shows who he really is."

And even after the race Sergio could not restrain the rush of emotions and spoke to the team:

Sergio Perez: "I don't understand why he didn't give me this opportunity, despite everything I've done for him. If he has two titles, it's thanks to my help."

Whose side are you on?

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